Valor Precision Combat is a division of Valor Combat Systems and was founded in May 2017.

This modern hybrid Martial Arts System incorporates a fusion of techniques sourced from Ju Jitsu, Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). The System consists of strikes, locks, takedowns, counter skills, ground techniques and weaponry.


Valor Precision Combat is taught in a modern, progressive way, developing self-defence whilst building personal development in confidence, self-control, determination, perseverance and self-esteem. All students are taught respect, considered to be a core value and expected to demonstrate this to both their Sensei (Club Coach) and peers. Martial Arts provides self-discipline with clear structure and rules, helping to instil grounded values throughout life.


Our students focus on individual growth, working towards specific goals at their own pace. These goals are awarded with a different coloured belt each time they reach a new skill level. They are taught that each belt is earned through hard work and dedication, not just ‘given’ to them - a principle to encourage self-esteem and maintain motivation.


Techniques are broken down into small stages to help the student learn gradually. Repetition of movements aid fluidity, understanding, spatial awareness and co-ordination. Emphasis on self-control and concentration is taught to help the students maintain focus with their partner (uke) – resulting in improved teamwork and socialisation skills.


Competitive activities within our classes, teach our students to allow others to take their turn, see things from other points of view and accept sometimes that failure is unavoidable – a format to build a stronger character for education, work and general life.


Additional details: -


  • Tuition is provided from the age of 4 years upwards.

  • A great way to exercise whilst having fun.

  • No hidden costs as both the Membership and Martial Arts Insurance are included within the monthly class fee (please view our Membership page on our website for further details: - www.valorcombatsystems.co.uk/membership).

  • Fun and informative courses are held throughout the year to further our students knowledge.

  • All of our Club Coaches (Sensei) are fully insured, first aid trained and hold Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Services) disclosures.

There are various Syllabuses within the Valor Precision Combat System, which aid to develop Martial Arts skills for all  ages: -

  • Mini Raion (Aged 4 years-6 years)

  • Junior Raion (Aged 7 years-15 years)

  • Adult (Aged 16 years+)

  • Adaptive — inclusive for impaired mobility (All age groups)

The Mini Raion Syllabus and Junior Raion Syllabus may overlap, depending on the individual’s understanding and ability. Certain techniques may be more challenging for some students, dependent on size. The Sensei (Club Coach) will assess each student on their merits before deciding whether commencement of the Junior Raion Syllabus (from 7 years), is appropriate.

All beginner students wear a White belt and thereafter grade in the coloured belts as per the Belt Table.

The Mini Raion Belt System varies slightly, as their belts are all White with a coloured stripe.

Grading exams are held every 4 months. However, not every student will attend, depending on the time trained and the  progress of the individual.